Admissions open for Post Graduate Diploma in Industrial Automation: New batches from 16th April


PCB Workshop

PLC Training | PCB Design Training | Electronics courses in Nashik

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  • Introduction to basic elements (PCB, Need Of PCB, Types of PCB)
    • Introduction to proteus (Electronic Product Design Software)
      • Schematic Design
      • Testing tools
      • Virtual Simulation
      • PCB Designing in proteus
        • Component Packages
        • Library Footprints
        • Creating Custom footprints
        • Tools for footprint generations
        • Layers of design
        • Single layers , Multilayer designs
        • Heating component precautions
      • Gerber file generation
      • Gerber file format for different layers
    • Hand on PCB applications
      • Toner transfer method
      • Industrial methods
      • Ething
      • Drilling
      • Soldering
      • Troubleshooting

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