College Training


1) Certified Arduino & Robotics Program Course:

  • Introduction to open source hardware community & development Knowledge about Arduino hardware.
  • Programming in latest version of IDE.
  • Utilization of Arduino development board to create own mini projects like automatic tunnel light system, automatic temperature control system.
  • Interfacing and working of various modules. Circuit designing and troubleshooting
  • Exposure to current technology and industrial trends.

2) Certified PLC & SCADA Programmer Course:

  • Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC) makes life easier for manufacturers by automating certain processes
  • PLC Programmers are responsible for helping to design these systems to increase manufacturing efficiency and safety
  • Utilization of PLC control board to create own programming language using ladder logic programming.
  • Generate own programming windows with industry ready graphic view format.

3) Certified Raspberry Pi Developer Course:

  • Design own credit card size computer.
  • Overview with various OS and platforms
  • Perform and generate remote access.
  • Learn simplest Python programing
  • Hands on hardware interfacing.
  • Introduction to IOT
  • Industry ready practical training

4) Certified PCB Designer Course:

  • Workshop covers all aspects of PCB, PCB design, assembly, testing and its manufacturing
  • Practical work with hardware, software, instruments, appropriate tools
  • Actual industry trends and requirements.
  • Hands on practicals, which helps students to work in industrial Environment
  • Design ethics for high frequency and low frequency environment.

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